Signia’s Styletto 3X Product Details

Medical grade hearing aids

Ground-Breaking Model
World’s first SLIM-RIC (Receiver In Canal) model

Smartphone App for User Flexibility to adjust the volume and sound quality
1) Smartphone App to message your hearing doctor for tune up adjustments
2) Audio streams phone calls and music into hearing aids

Averages a 19 hour charge. 30-minute fast-charge enables 5 more hours of use. Portable charging case holds 3 days of charges. Lithium-ion power cell battery.

Advanced Noise Reduction for better Speech Clarity
Optimizes speech intelligibility and reduces listening effort.

Acoustic Motion Sensors
Adapts to diverse listening environments. Automatic adjustments between sounds in front of and all around the wearer for a personalized listening experience.

Advanced Multi-Directional Focus of Speech
Allows the wearer to focus on relevant speech clearly from every direction, even when moving.

Natural Sound of Your Own Voice
Technology offers the most natural sound of the wearer's own voice. (Wearer no longer sounds too loud or echoey.)

Number of Pitches (Frequencies) for your provider to Tune and Customize the Sound Quality

Audiologist Care
Care from licensed audiology team for 3-year warranty period.

Award-Winning Design
Red Dot Design Award, iF Gold Award.

100-Day, Risk-Free Trial.
Customer has a 100-day trial period effective the purchase date. If unsatisfied, customer has the option to receive a full refund of order.

3-Year Warranty. Loss and Damage Waiver.
Customer has a 3-year warranty with Loss and Damage replacement (for the original user and original product).